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Who is the richest Kardashian ? Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from husband

American actress Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband, rapper and businessman Kanye West, on Friday after nearly seven years of marriage.

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Divorce procedures confirm details that surfaced last month, when American media reported that the couple were trying to handle their marital problem privately, which was not an easy task for two media outlets. 40-year-old Kim has not worn her wedding belt in church and is said to have been the one who asked 43-year-old Khan to split up for the holidays to begin a process of gradual and private separation.

The most popular news source in the United States, TMZ, was the first to broadcast the news on February 19 and noted that the split was "friendly and divorced."

Kardashian's attorney confirmed the divorce proceedings, but did not elaborate on the situation with all the entertainment in the world with their eyes.

Apparently Kim’s last straw, with the exception of Western bipolar disorder, was a failed and sometimes ridiculous campaign for her future president. The rapper became an independent Banking House member in the last election and although he received only 60,000 votes, he said he would try again in 2024.

His political rallies have exposed his debilitating mental health and his wife has admitted that West has bipolar disorder and needs professional help. Some media outlets said Kim had been considering separating her from the traditional healers, but did not want to do so during the failed election campaign to avoid media attention but instead wanted her husband to receive psychiatric treatment as a condition by staying married.

Bipolar disorder
During 2020, Kanye West posted several messages on his Twitter account stating, among other things, that his wife wanted to admit him to a psychiatric clinic. After a while the messages were deleted.

He then made a new post, which was later canceled, saying he wanted a divorce and accused Kim Kardashian of having an affair with another doctor, Meek Mill.

"Those who understand mental illness or dementia know that the family has no power (over the patient) unless you are young," he wrote on Wednesday on social media.

"Those who do not know or see it from a distance can make decisions and do not understand that it is up to the individual to ask for help, no matter what the family and loved ones try," he added.

"Those who know Kyan know that his words are not always in line with his intentions," she said.

The businessman also pointed out that the public "wants tolerance for the whole mental health issue, but we should also deal with those who live with (mental disorders) when they need it most."

"I urge the public and the media to give us the empathy and compassion we need to deal with all of this," said the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

It was not the first time Kim Kardashian West had talked about bipolar disorder with her ex-husband, because in an interview with Vogue in 2019, she explained that the singer was not taking any medication because she felt it would kill her creative ability.

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