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How To Play Windows Spotlight Quiz on

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what is windows spotlight

What is Windows Spotlight Quiz ? 

How do I turn off Windows spotlight quiz?

How to Take The Windows Spotlight Quiz

How To Play Windows Spotlight Quiz ?

What is Windows Spotlight feature?

How does Window spotlight work?

Windows Spotlight Quiz  The quiz features provided by Microsoft , the world's leading computer engineering software company , have been the subject of much discussion in recent times. Windows Spotlight Quiz is the name of the features provided by Microsoft . This is a unique and excellent option for providing a good education.

So, friends, today I am going to introduce you to these Microsoft features in this article. Windows Spotlight is a self-downloading automation lock to lock images designed to enhance their experience with Windows 10.

You should have noticed that many programs are coming, so you can upgrade the lock screen of your laptop. It gives you a good feeling. Gradually, more and more Microsoft devices are using these features at a faster rate. People give positive feedback on this, so it is done in all of their products.

What is Windows Spotlight Quiz ? 

Do you know what a Windows Spotlight Quiz is? If not, don't panic. In this article, we will talk about that. Windows Spotlight is a home screen query and quiz feature provided by the developer company Microsoft.

Some of the features are provided to learn new things like questions and challenges. Automatic images are downloaded to your device screen and are also rotated. Whatever images are used in it, it all comes from Bing images and automatically changes them within 24 hours.

You find this to be a fun way to have fun, otherwise you also have to learn something. Their question changes every 24 hours and depending on your needs, the question comes to you, which you can answer. In this case, you get a lot of questions, which you can easily answer and you can test your ability.

How To Play Windows Spotlight Quiz ?

Windows Spotlight is very easy to play and is offered in Bing browser. Surrey's questions are presented elsewhere in this article, to which you should reply. You are told below how to play it.

You should visit with any browser
By typing " Windows Spotlight Quiz " you will need to search on Bing.
After this question will come to your screen, whose answer to choose the answer.
As well as asking questions, you are given the answer, you must choose the right answer.
If your answer is shown to be correct, it will let you know if you have given the correct answer.
If you answer your question correctly, you will go to their points page, where your results are told.
If you give the wrong answer then you get "good luck next time".


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