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Even today, more than 8,000 new Corona cases have been reported in the state.

Mumbai: Corona infection in the province appears to be growing rapidly day by day. The daily number of corona cases is now over 8,000. In addition, the number of deaths due to corona continues to rise daily. After finding 8,333 new corona sufferers in the province yesterday (Friday), it was revealed that 8,623 new corona petients have been added to the province today. Also, 48 patients died in the province yesterday and today the death toll is 51. This indicates the size of the corona virus. Currently, the state mortality rate in the state is 2.43 percent and to date, 52,092 patients have died as a result of the corona.

Despite this, 3,648 patients have recovered and returned home to the government today. To date, 20 lakh 20,000 951 crore patients in the government have recovered and returned home. The provincial recovery rate is 94.14 percent.

Out of 1,61,99,818 laboratory samples tested till date, 21 lakh 46 thousand 777 (13.25 per cent) samples have tested positive. At present 3 lakh 34 thousand 102 persons are in house separation in the state while 3 thousand 84 persons are in institutional separation. So, there are a total of 72 thousand 530 active patients in the state today.

The Covishield Serum Institute and the Covaxin of Barat Biotech have been approved by the Central Government. Therefore, these vaccines are vaccinated free of charge by the government across the country. The vaccine is currently given in different parts of the country in different stages. Contrary to the past, it has become clear that corona vaccine will now be available in private hospitals as well. If you go to a private hospital, you will have to pay for the vaccine. It is alleged that the prices were set by the government.

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