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‘Modiji , don't give speeches, give employment. More than 20 lakh people have tweeted this hashtag

why hashtag 'Modi Rozgar Do' has been trending on social networks

The hashtag 'Modi Rozgar Do' has been trending on social networks since Sunday. Unemployment is on the rise in the country and many who are fed up with this problem are now demanding jobs directly from Prime Minister Modi through social media.  More than 20 lakh people have tweeted on this hashtag.

Many have questioned what happened to the BJP's promise of two crore jobs when it came to power. Among political issues, the hashtag Modi Rozgar Do is a top trending topic in India.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also used the hashtag on Twitter to advise the central government, "Suno jan ke man ki baat".

Listen to people's minds- #modi_rojgar_do

- Rahul Gandhi (ahRahulGandhi) February 21, 2021

The number of unemployed in the country increased rapidly during the Corona period. According to the ILO  ( International labour Organization ), global unemployment stands at 57 per cent. In India, the unemployment rate is as high as 47 per cent. Unemployment is more serious in India's neighbors Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pakistan has an unemployment rate of 50 per cent, Sri Lanka 51 per cent and Bangladesh 57 per cent.

Millions lost their jobs during the Corona Lockdown. According to the CMIEE report, 1.77 crore salaried people lost their jobs in 2020. Many lost their jobs between June and July, especially after the lockdown took effect in March. That is why, now that the economy is slowly recovering, the government is promising to provide jobs to the unemployed.

Unemployment is a global crisis and the biggest challenge facing the global economy right now is providing employment. Unemployment in the United States broke all records. There are no new job opportunities in the United States.

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