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Demand for Indian vaccines from all over the world. 9 countries asked for help

India has caught the attention of the entire world after the emergency use of the vaccine was allowed to prevent the spread of corona in the country. Many countries in the world have demanded this completely indigenous vaccine from India. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has demanded that India immediately supply Brazil with the AstroZeneca vaccine. However, according to India's coronary policy, India will first vaccinate its neighbors against the corona. The corona vaccine will then be sent to other countries around the world.

Prefer these countries

Concerns are being raised as the number of Corona patients is increasing day by day. Countries like Brazil, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Africa have demanded corona vaccine from India after India gave permission for emergency use of corona vaccine. According to sources, India will give priority to neighboring countries while supplying the corona vaccine to other countries. That is why India will be the first to supply vaccines to countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan

The role played by India

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said India has been fighting shoulder to shoulder with countries around the world in the fight against the corona virus from the very beginning. India's role is to co-operate with all countries in this fight. Srivastava also said that efforts were being made to help India as many countries as possible in the fight against the Corona. The Serum Institute of India has approved the Oxford-Astrazhenka Covid-19 vaccine and Bharat Biotech's Kovacin for emergency use.

India will be a supplier of vaccines

Given the quality, quality and effectiveness of Indian vaccines, the demand for these vaccines has increased worldwide. That is why India is ready to distribute these fully made in India vaccines worldwide and a decision on the export of these vaccines is expected after the first few phases of vaccination in India. That is why India is likely to become a global hub for corona vaccination.

Words of appreciation from China too

China has also praised Indian-made corona vaccines. China has said that the corona vaccine, developed by our neighboring country in South Asia, is second to none in terms of quality. An article published in the Global Times of the Communist Party of China states that the corona vaccine made in India is just as effective as the Chinese corona vaccine. The article also states that India's Corona vaccine is excellent in the field of research and manufacturing.

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