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need to supply Corona vaccines to countries known as the Global South

Only ten countries in the world control 75% of the corona vaccines available

Corona Vaccine Updates : Only ten countries in the world control 75% of the corona vaccines available . On the other hand, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that more than 130 countries have not yet received a single vaccine. "Thus, it is wrong for a few countries to have control over the corona vaccine, and such countries should supply the vaccine to other countries," Guterres said. Guterres also called on the G-20 to set up a task force to supply corona vaccines to all countries globally. "In the current crisis, vaccine equality is one of the biggest global challenges," Guterres said. He was speaking at a UN Security Council meeting.

According to Our World in Data, 188 million or 18.8 million people worldwide have been vaccinated. Most of these are from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and Israel. Guterres did not name any of the 10 countries that have three-thirds of the world's vaccine stockpiles. But it certainly includes the United States. 72.4 crore vaccines have been distributed here. More than five million people have been vaccinated, according to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The task force that Guterres has called for will include the world's richest economies. It is hoped that this will make it easier for countries around the world to provide financial and scientific assistance to provide vaccines. Countries in Africa, Latin America and South America, especially known as the Global South, need to be vaccinated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set up a CoVAX Task Force to help each other globally with regard to the corona vaccine. This task force has been set up to supply vaccines to the poorest countries which cannot compete with the rich countries in the race for corona vaccines. India has so far given corona vaccines to more than 50 countries. This mainly includes India's neighbors and other poor as well as small countries.

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