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Ramesh Hakim has treatment for many incurable diseases

Nakadongri Bhandara : Ramesh Hakim has treatment for many incurable diseases like cancer etc Nakadongri village is situated on the last border of Maharashtra, it is located on the Tumsar tehsil of Bhandara district of Maharashtra, two kilometers near the Bawanthadi river.

In a dhimar caste A scheduled Caste People since ancient times, cancer and other diseases are treated for three generations by a dhimar society. Ramesh Hakim is also from the same family who stays outside the village and treats people. First Hakim's grandfather Mangroo is followed by father Hari Dhimar and now his grandson Ramesh Uke famous by Ramesh hakim.

Deaseses Like cancer, stones, Piles , paralysis, women menstruation problems , many such diseases are treated here.

Even today, people come from every corner of the country for medical treatment and they are treated by Ramesh Hakim..

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