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Can a lockdown imposed again in Bihar ? Health department issued Notice

Can a lockdown imposed again in Bihar ? If the public does not want lockdown then these rules will have to be followed Health department issued Notice,  Guidelines are being issued to the people. It is being asked to follow the guidelines issued by the central government .

Apart from many cities of Maharashtra, the number of patients infected with the corona virus has started increasing again. School-colleges in Pune have been closed till 28 February. Apart from Pune, night curfew has been imposed in Nashik from 11 am to 6 am. Lockdown has also been imposed in some areas of Vidarbha Maharastra . A strict alert has been issued in these places in Bihar. Officers are keeping an eye on the Corona case. Officials say that at present there is no such situation as lockdown, yet we are keeping an eye on it. 

Help from the helpline for investigation and treatment of Corona continues
In all 38 districts of Bihar, the district level helpline at the district level is providing medical counseling assistance. On the 24-hour toll-free helpline, anyone can call and consult doctors about symptoms related to the epidemic. The helpline can be accessed from the nearest examination and treatment centers. According to the official sources of the Health Department, all the facilities provided for the corona epidemic are intact. Corona examination facility is available free of cost in all hospitals of the state. Free ambulance facility is also available in the state to transport patients from their residence to the nearest government hospital.

The number of infected declined this year
In the first three days of this year, 463 new patients were found on 1 January, 397 on 2 January and 282 on 3 January. At the same time, 75 newly infected on 1 February, 118 new infected on 2 February and 92 new infected on 3 February were identified. At the same time, 482 new patients were identified on 1 December 2020, 680 on 2 December and 571 infected on 3 December.

The infection started growing in May-June
The transition began to increase gradually during May-June, 2020 in the state. On May 15, 40 new infections were detected, 16 on 73, 17 on 110, 18 on 103 and on 19 June 104 were found. At the same time, 106 new ones were identified on 15 June, 74 on 16, 79 on 17, 53 on 18 and 250 on 19 June.

In the last six days, an average of 62 infected people were found daily.
According to the department, an average of 62 new corona infected patients have been found in the state in the last six days. There are currently only 536 active infected people in the state who are being treated under the supervision of doctors. At the same time, the state's health rate is 99.21 percent.

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