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Twenty Indian soldiers died in the fighting. This is the worst conflict between India China in abou

20 Indian soldiers died in India China conflict : China reveals details of 4 PLA martyrs during clash between Galwan Valley border

20 Indian soldiers died in India China conflict : China reveals details of 4 PLA martyrs during clash between Galwan Valley border

This News Covers India China War News : Is China at war with India?  how many indian soldiers died today how many Chinese soldiers died today

What happened at galwan Valley? Did Chinese soldiers died in galwan Valley? Is galwan valley occupied by China? Is galwan Valley captured by China? Who is controlling galwan Valley now? Where is the galwan Valley? Why did China attack India ?  Who has better army India or China?  Can China Invades India? What is Going On Between India And China ? Is the Indian military powerful ? Can India become a superpower ? Is Indian Air Force stronger than China ? Is China better than India? 

Is Chinese Army Strong ?

Five Chinese border officials and troops stationed in the Karakoram mountains have been recognized by China's Central Military Commission for defending the sovereignty and integrity of the Indian subcontinent , which took place in Galwan Valley in June 2020 , the PLA Daily reported Friday.

Is China at war with India? 

The Central Military Commission awarded Qi Fabao, commander of the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, "Hero regimental Commander for defense of the border," Chen Hongjun and "Hero for defense of the border," and Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan. and Wang Zhuoran.

This is the first time that China has identified the wounded and the details of these police and soldiers, four of whom died during the illegal entry of Indian troops into the Galwan Valley Line of Actual Control (LAC).

What is Going On Between India And China ?

The report also recounted the whole incident - the way in which Indian troops deployed dozens of soldiers who were hiding in advance, trying to force Chinese troops to surrender. It also highlighted how the Chinese army defended the monarchy during the attack on iron, steel and stone tubes.

how many indian soldiers died 

Twenty Indian soldiers died in the fighting. This is the worst conflict between India China in about 45 years. Indian media previously boasted that Chinese troops were also responsible for the deaths of many people in the region.

It is clear that the PLA Daily report used "foreign troops" to refer to the Indian military force, a move that showed China's reluctance to promote public sentiments against the current recruitment of Chinese and Indian troops at the border. .

"As of April 2020, the right-wing foreign force has violated the previous agreement ... entered the border line to build roads and bridges and exacerbated problems, changed the status quo at the border… and even attacked Chinese troops sent to communicate," it reads. PLA Daily report.

Faced with the illegal entry of Indian troops in May 2020, Chen Xiangrong and other Chinese soldiers fought and demanded their return. "While we were facing the enemy passing by, not one of us fainted. When they were stoned, we chased them away," Chen wrote in his diary.

Is Chinese Army Strong ? 
In June 2020, the Indian military broke the previous agreement and overthrew the LAC and set up tents. Out of respect for past treaties and customs, Qi Fabao, the commander of the Chinese army, went to consult a few soldiers. However, the Indian military did not prove to be loyal and sent more troops to try to force the Chinese military to comply.

Faced with a large number of Indian soldiers from the nearby mountains, while insulting Indian soldiers for violating the treaty, Qi organized Chinese troops into the armed forces and took part in any conflict.

The Indian army then began attacking the Chinese army with metal tubes and axes and throwing stones. Qi was seriously injured and suffered serious head injuries.

Chen Hongjun has saved Qi. Chen Xiangrong fought side by side, and Xiao Siyuan, who took the videos as evidence, also fought.

As more Chinese troops came to support and fight bravely, Indian troops were completely defeated - many fled, leaving many wounded and dead, according to the report.

Chen Hongjun, Chen Xiangrong and Xiao Siyuan fought until the last minute and sacrificed their lives. Wang Zhuoran, a former soldier, also gave his life to rescue his comrades as he crossed the river to support others.

Qian Feng, director of the Department of Research at the National Strategy Institute at Tshuahua University, told the Dailygraph news that China had provided details of the incident to disprove previous information that China suffered more injuries than India or China that caused the incident.

Can China Invades India?

The facts show the international community that the burden of deadly wars in the Galwan region fell on the Indian army, and that Chinese troops had to fight them in the face of challenges.

China also wants to show that it loves peace but when it comes to the interests of the monarchy and territory, China will not be afraid and Chinese soldiers have the confidence and power to beat all criminals, Qian said.

By recalling such elite martyrs and commending the ranks of the soldiers for their contributions, it will encourage the elite to continue building defenses.

Meanwhile, China and India have begun the separation of troops from the southern and northern banks of Pangong Tso (Lake) and appropriate work has been underway.

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