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china officially admits five soldiers killed in clash with indian army in galwan

Twenty Indian soldiers were died in a India China bloody battle in the Galwan Valley east of Ladakh. Chinese soldiers are also said to have died in the incident. However, China was adamant about this. Following the withdrawal of troops from the Pangong Lake area, China has calmed down the conflict in the Galvan Valley, and it has been officially revealed that a Chinese soldier has also been killed in the incident. Four soldiers, including PLA officials, were killed in Galwan. The information came after China honored the four soldiers with medals.

A blood feud between Indian and Chinese troops erupted in the Galwan Valley east of Ladakh while the crocodile crisis was still raging. A military battle took place at midnight on June 15, 2020. In this incident, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. Since then, relations between the two countries have become strained. At the same time, the conflict in the Galwan Valley created a warlike situation on the Indo-China border. 

In this incident, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. There were also reports of Chinese soldiers being killed, but China did not say whether its soldiers were killed. The curtain on it is finally finished. According to People's Daily, China's Central Military Commission has honored four soldiers who worked on Mount Karakoram and were martyred in June. Death sentences were announced after the four soldiers.

On the other hand, according to the Global Times, five soldiers were killed in Galwan Valley. Soldiers identified as Commander Qi Fabao, Chen Hongun, Jiangong, Xiao Xuan and Wang Juoran. Four of them were killed in clashes in Galwan Valley. One died after being swept away in a river during a relief effort.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in clashes with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley. Colonel Santosh Babu was also killed in the incident. Santosh Babu was later honored with the Mahavir Chakra Medal. In addition, five other soldiers were honored after the death of Verer Chakra.

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