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Does Anna support the agitating farmers ? Maharashtra Wants to Know: Shivsena

Mumbai: The situation in Delhi has been getting worse since Republic Day. There was a storm within the place where the agitation was happening At an equivalent time, farmers have decided to accentuate the agitation. On the opposite hand, caseworker Anna Hazare had warned against the agricultural laws. However, on Friday, he announced that he was suspending the agitation. the choice of Anna Hazare has been questioned on social media and therefore the Shivsena has also asked Anna Hazare some questions. Anna Hazare announced that he was suspending the agitation after the intervention of Union Minister of State for Agriculture Chaudhary and Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis.

Citing this decision, the Shivsena  has asked some questions raised within the front page of the Samana . Anna Hazare had announced a decisive fast on farmers issues and bjp leaders from Maharashtra visited Ralegansiddhi to debate with anna . the image was so funny and it happened needless to say. Anna adjourned the fast after the assurances of opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary. 

Anna said that he was suspending his fast because he believed that the high level committee appointed by the Central Government would take appropriate decisions. Anna has taken out the weapon of fasting then So if it happens now, there's nothing unexpected about it. The government is now getting to crush their agitation. the govt has blocked the farmers on the Ghazipur border.

What exactly does Anna Hazare believe these developments? what's the aim of the fast that Anna Hazare wanted to fast? The agitating farmers want the agricultural laws to be repealed. it's not clear if Anna Hazare's fast was to support the farmers. If Anna had fasted for this, Anna would have had to require an open stand against the Modi government. The BJP was pouring oil on the torches of this movement at that time, but in the last seven years, the Modi state has been frustrated by a number of decisions ranging from denomination to lockdown, but it has been alleged that Anna has not changed anything. So, should the agitation be done only during the Congress regime? Is Ramrajya incarnated now?  Political parties used them from time to time. Shiv Sena said Anna's body was severely damaged. Fasting and postponing it's not an easy thing. Anna's age shouldn't be taken a risk. Anna's body parts are suffering the results of the last fast. But anna's agitation remains important.

"90-95 year old farmers are sitting on the border of Ghaziabad. Anna should now get up to offer moral strength to such elderly farmers. Now there is no fact in sitting in Ralegan and joking with BJP leaders . Anna has experienced this war before. War will not be fought from the village and the temple. you've got to urge into the sector  Anna should take a stand on democracy, farmers 'movement and farmers' self-respect. what's the utilization of sitting in ralegan with BJP leaders in motion and discussion? Anna first announced his fast and now believing within the central government's promises and postponed it. All this is often alright , But what is their role in agricultural laws that destroy farmers? Does Anna support the agitating farmers who are ready to die against these laws in the Singhu border? In whose favor is Anna standing? Maharashtra wants answers all these questions! "Said ShivSena .

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