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Delhi police agreed on the January 26 tractor parade

Preparations are fully swing at The Singhu and Tikri border after the farmers ' organisations and Delhi police agreed on the January 26 tractor parade. The continuation of tractors from Punjab and Haryana is constant . consistent with sources, about 30,000 tractors have reached the border of Tikri, Singhhu and Ghazipur till Monday morning. Farmer leaders claim that one lakh tractors will come up by the morning of 26th January.

Road opened from one side on Tikri border
After agreeing on the route on Sunday evening, Delhi police has removed the barkending from one side on the road coming from tikri border to Delhi. The road has been evacuated by removing large cement barriers and enormous iron containers about one kilometer before the agitation site. At an equivalent time, Delhi police and CRPF Jawans have also haunted security arrangements on the fixed route. the very best tractor within the parade will come from tikri border in Delhi. that's why the system is that the most foolproof. The police have stipulated that quite three people wouldn't sit on a tractor. The farmers ' organisations and therefore the police also will get on Monday to make a decision other things.
The security arrangements for the Kisan parade were fully prepared. The police had started removing the barriers.
Markets remain closed, roads also will be empty
There will be none aside from security forces and farmers during the tractor rally on 26th January on the route from Tikri to Delhi. consistent with a police official, all shops are going to be closed on the evening of January 25. this is often in order that vehicles and shops aren't damaged if there's some disturbance. the world where the farmers are engaged round the Tikri border may be a residential district . So, heavy security arrangements are made here. additionally to the scheduled route of the parade, a diversion plan has also been prepared on nearby roads.

1000 volunteers of Kisan Social Army also will be deployed
The farmers also will be deployed for thousand volunteers of the social army for the tractor parade coming from Tikri border to Delhi. The list also will be shared with the police. Ajit Singh, who leads these volunteers, said, "The volunteers are going to be within the code . they're going to even have tractor mechanic besides care , water-tea. We also are giving them training for this. '

Farmers sitting on Delhi borders for the last two months will take up tractor rally in Delhi on January 26 to protest against three agricultural laws.
Discussion on flags on tractors
Three sorts of flags are getting used on tractors joining the parade. which incorporates the flag of kisan Sangathan, Tricolor (national flag) and Khalsa sect. The United Kisan Morcha has announced that an organisation might not use the tricolor on its tractor but won't insult it. The farmers from Haryana and up have put the tricolour on their tractors with the Kisan Sangathan. The tractors from Punjab have a flag of farmers ' organization and Khalsa.

Senior farmer leaders to be responsible if there's disturbance
The farmers ' leaders are guaranteed that nobody should attempt to pervert the atmosphere during the parade. consistent with police sources, if there's some confusion during the parade, senior farmer leaders are going to be held responsible and action are going to be taken.

In addition to the scheduled route of the parade for the farmers, a diversion plan has also been prepared on the adjoining roads.
On which route what percentage kilometers allowed
A tractor rally of 63 to 64 kms from Tikri border, 62 to 63 kms from Singhu border and 46 kms from Ghazipur border has been fixed. Farmers are going to be ready to enter Delhi from Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur border. The farmers sitting on the Palwal and Shahjahanpur border won't be allowed to enter Delhi from that route. The farmers sitting here want to return to the ashram through Badarpur border. But police say if they need to hitch the parade, come from the fixed route.

The tractor-trolley settlement is cover a neighborhood of about 32 kms.
The largest number of farmers during the agitation is on the Tikri border. In a neighborhood of about 32 kms, farmers are frozen for 2 months with tractor trolleys. the amount of tractors on the Tikri border is additionally the very best . consistent with police sources, there are 10 to 12 thousand tractors on the Tikri

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