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China again cheated , How can we trust

One thing to mention and another to try to to is China's destiny. once more , China has proved its worth. Since encroaching on the world in eastern Ladakh, China has repeatedly changed its word. that's why the bloody conflict happened within the Galvan Valley. during which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, while quite 40 Chinese soldiers were killed.

In the meantime, the People's Liberation Army of China had suggested some measures to scale back tensions on the eastern Ladakh border. But now China itself has violated it. China has strengthened its position on the eastern Ladakh border. the amount of troops has also increased quietly and gradually in areas of conflict near the road of Control. Four months ago, China itself said it should avoid increasing the amount of troops on each side in conflict zones. This was reported by India Today.

After reviewing things on the bottom , it's clear that China has done precisely the opposite. India-China had issued a joint statement on September 21 after the sixth round of talks. consistent with the agreement reached between the 2 countries within the sixth round of talks, it had been decided to strengthen dialogue, avoid misunderstandings, stop the deployment of troops within the forward areas, take unilateral decisions and not take any action to vary things on the bottom . Looking back four months later, it seems that the measures that were planned to scale back stress haven't worked

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