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Elon Musk offers prize of 100 million $, To whom?

Alan Musk, CEO of Tesla, the world's largest electric Car company, has announced a 100 million prize (approximately Rs 730 crore) for promoting carbon capture technology that reduces the rising CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. Musk made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday.

Alan Musk, one among the richest people within the world, made the announcement during a bid to scale back rising carbon emissions. "I'm donating 100 million for the simplest technology to scale back carbon emissions," he tweeted. He also clarified that the small print are going to be given next week


Carbon capture technology may be a technology that reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. heating has become a crucial issue round the world and efforts are underway to bring global climate change back on target . to the present end, reducing carbon emissions is being encouraged

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