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Mega Millions lottery Winning result top 5

The American Mega Millions lottery doesn't disappoint the thousands of lottery players, with its exciting pre and secondary prizes of many dollars, there's little question that more and more people are trying to find how to participate in its drawings, albeit they are doing not sleep in the us. Mega Millions isn't just one of the foremost famous American lotteries, it's also one among the favourite lotteries that theLotter users usually play twice every week .

Did you recognize that the Mega Millions lottery in 2012 had the most important record prize within the world for an extended time? a bit like you hear, a bit like the other day in March 2012, the $ 656 million jackpot within the Mega Millions lottery fell. However, in 2018 it even offered a good bigger prize: $ 1.54 billion. during this article we'll mention these two and other great prizes that decorate the list of the luckiest winners that the Mega Millions has had since its inception in 2002.

# 5 Top Prize of $ 536 million

A couple from Hamilton County won the jackpot of $ 536 million. The couple, who chose to stay anonymous, are within the record books for having won one among the most important prizes with a private ticket within the Mega Millions lottery.

When the couple went online and saw the winning Mega Millions numbers, they realized that they matched the ticket that they had bought with random numbers. The couple couldn't believe what they were seeing, in order that they restarted their computer. The couple chose to require their prize payment in cash, that they received a payoff of $ 271 million after taxes.

# 4 Top Prize of $ 543 million
July 24, 2018 - Winning club of 11 players

biggest Mega Millions jackpots
Eleven lucky workers from a Santa Clara County financial office were the winners of the large $ 543 million prize. The group of workers didn't play altogether of the large lottery draws within the state, nor did they need a lottery pool, they only took an opportunity to play once the prize was large enough . The winning ticket was purchased during a small, family-owned California establishment, which may be credited with the good achievement of selling the ticket with the most important prize ever awarded in California. The group of winners were between the ages of 21 and 60 and had no problem taking day off work temporarily, because the same job supervisor had won along side them.

In this drawing on July 24, 2018, another eight tickets matched the five main numbers and won the second lottery prize ($ 1,000,000), two of including the Megaplier choice to their purchase and their prize was $ 3 million .

The winning numbers of the draw with weeks of accumulation were:

# 3 Jackpot of $ 648 million
December 17, 2013 - Two winning tickets: Ira Curry and Steve Tran

This huge jackpot was made possible in large part thanks to the main format changes made by Mega Millions in October 2013. When the new rules went into effect, they served to significantly increase the lottery jackpot. during this case, after 21 stacks, Mega Millions ticket sales soared. It wasn't even clear how high the ultimate drawing jackpot would be, but the jackpot ended up being $ 648,000,000!

The two players separately earned $ 324,000,000. one among the winning tickets was purchased in San Jose, California, and therefore the other in Stone Mountain, Georgia. the primary winner to return forward to say the award was Ira Curry, 56, who chose the family's birthday numbers and a family's lucky number for the Mega Ball.

Fun fact is that California's winning ticket almost got lost! Tran Steve hadn't even realized that he had won. His life ticket was during a pile of other old tickets that he had forgotten to see .

# 2 Top Prize of $ 656 million

March 30, 2012 - Three Winning Tickets: Merle and Patricia Butler, 
the second largest Mega Millions lottery jackpot
The drawing for this Mega Millions jackpot was persisted March 30, 2012. the primary of the three winners claimed his share of the $ 218.6 million prize. Kansas law allowed the prize winner to stay anonymous.

Later, three employees of the Maryland public establishment who called themselves "The Three Amigos" (a woman in her twenties, another in her fifties, and a person in her forties) bought a complete of sixty tickets statewide, one $ 20 per person investment that ended up giving each of them an excellent return on their money. After splitting a huge $ 218.6 million jackpot, it's safe to mention that these friends are now probably the simplest of friends.

The last winning ticket for this huge jackpot belonged to Merle and Patricia Butler. The couple stayed up all night watching the news and surfing the web to ascertain how people had hit the jackpot. When it became known that the winning ticket had been purchased in his hometown of Red Bud, Illinois, some friends joked with Merle asking if he was the winner. The retired couple came forward on April 18 to say a cash payment of their $ 111 million after-tax prize.

# 1 Top Prize of $ 1.54 billion

October 23, 2018 - Anonymous Winner

the largest lottery jackpot in Mega Millions
On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, one ticket purchased in South Carolina was the grand winner of $ 1,537,000,000. The Mega Millions lottery set a record with this prize because the world's largest prize awarded to one player, a record that has been held so far .

In this drawing, 36 tickets matched the five main numbers, but not the Mega Ball. Each of them won a prize of $ 1 million. Two of those players included the Megaplier option on their ticket, increasing their prize to $ 3 million.

Mega Millions broke its own record: The Mega Millions jackpot was slightly less than the jackpot awarded by the Powerball in January 2016. therein drawing, three lucky winners shared a jackpot of $ 1.58 billion. before the $ 1.54 billion Mega Millions drawing, the prize had been piling up since the drawing on July 24, 2018, when a ticket purchased in San Jose, California won the highest prize of $ 543,000.

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