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Tragedy of the world's largest democracy
Monday, 11 Jan 2021 00:00 am
DailyGraph News, Daily Graph news, Daily Graph latest news ,  Indian news , World news, Latest english news, News in English, Political news, current news, current affairs

DailyGraph News, Daily Graph news, Daily Graph latest news , Indian news , World news, Latest english news, News in English, Political news, current news, current affairs

Such an individual can get quite 1,000,000 popular votes even within the second presidential election, the tragedy of the world's largest, oldest, richest democracy!

The alarm bells that are ringing within  us for the past four years have finally come true. So while the US Capital is being sworn in by newly elected President Joe Biden and newly elected vice chairman Kamala Harris, the attack on the building by incumbent President Donald Trump's hired thugs (calling them supporters) is unprecedented. Was not. it's noteworthy that he was promoted as soon the Democrats won both Senate seats within the US state of Georgia. The US election was the maximum amount about Georgia because it was about the first presidential election. Nikara fought for both seats, and she or he fell to the Democrats. this suggests that the amount of Democrats and Republicans within the Senate is now 50-50. The president may be a Democrat and features a majority within the House of Representatives. just in case of a 50-50 choose the Senate, the opinion of the leader is decisive. Kamala Harris will become the leader within the Senate after January 20. Therefore, this House also will come under the control of Democrats. Knowing of these calculations, Donald Trump has been trying to sabotage the entire process for several days. Members of the Senate and House of Representatives gathered near the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, January 6, at noon civil time , and Trump supporters gathered nearby. He was provoked by Trump's inflammatory speech. Police and paramilitary personnel were seldom present on an important day sort of a joint session during a vital building just like the Congress , while troops were being deployed to quell a democratic uprising just like the Black Lives Matter under Ervi Trump. Trump's thugs broke through his armor and infiltrated the Capitol in various ways. He tried to enter the most halls bypassing the metal checking machines. a number of them were armed and their motives weren't in the least pure. If the amount of intruders had been higher, things would are worse. Because the intruder wouldn't kill anything and wouldn't stop for anyone. Had he been given an opportunity , he would have done good and bad to the Congress member he could get his hands on. Because the order to prevent the coup process within the capital was given by his 'leader'.

While Wednesday's attack on the supreme symbol of yank democracy has upset the planet , and Democrats especially , what might be expected of a special and better Trump? Why would Trump care about democratic symbols, which are tainted with democratic values and democratic practices? Although such people are democratically elected, they need no interest in strengthening democracy. Instead, they like to hollow democracy to further their own interests. Most of the leading media and political analysts knew that this gentleman would do something wrong. But few had any concept the declining US president would attend this level. vice chairman Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resumed the sealed convention within hours. So Trump's last inning was thwarted. Both Twitter and Facebook, on the opposite hand, "erased" Trump's absurd, irresponsible, provocative speeches, banned him, and showed him that he's the backbone of democracy and therefore the backbone of anti-democracy. Even media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, which are allowed to publish anything, don't like Trump. For one among these reasons, the Republican Party has got to affect Trump. But .. that's not enough! There are many reasons for this and most of them are unsettling.

Trump's presidential election defeat was sealed after midnight on Wednesday. But until we win, the assumption in democracy and therefore the tendency to the touch her clothes when defeat is seen during a democratic way isn't limited to at least one person. This poison is now taking over an organizational, collective and organizational form. this is often a really dangerous thing. Trump has not stopped insulting any constitutional institution, tradition or high-ranking person within the us . State election offices and staff, police, paramilitary forces, state governors and legislatures, inter-state courts and therefore the Supreme Court, members of Congress, presiding officers in Congress, senior self-proclaimed leaders, U.S. vice chairman Mike Pence and lots of more. it's no joke that the President of the us may be a one that makes all kinds of sarcastic remarks, accuses as he pleases, indulges in self-aggrandizement, doesn't recognize the danger of an excellent man like Kovid-19, mocks the preventive measures and therefore the health system. On the contrary, it's not just a tragedy for the us that such an individual can get quite one crore popular votes within the second presidential election. it's the tragedy of the world's largest, oldest, richest democracy. Trump and his Unad supporters round the world